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Hair Replacement Solutions in Indianapolis, IN

Losing your hair can be frustrating, or even embarrassing. Whether you're dealing with a serious medical condition or chronically thinning hair, we're here to help. Operated by a seasoned hair replacement specialist, GHQ has what it takes to find the right hair loss solution for everyone, regardless of hair type.

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About Us

GHQ is dedicated to helping folks throughout the state of Indiana transform their hair and rebuild their confidence. Founded in 1988 by award-winning stylist Lorrie Miller and her mother, our company offers affordable, natural-looking hair replacement systems designed to perfectly simulate your ideal color, style, density, length, and texture. Over the years, Lorrie has helped countless people find their perfect hair replacement, including Herschel Bernardi, the voice of the beloved Charlie the Tuna character.

We also pride ourselves on offering friendly service at every turn. We don't view the people we serve simply as clients or customers. To us, they're nothing less than our dear friends, and we always put our friends first. We understand that hair loss is a private situation, and we go the extra mile to maintain a caring, discrete environment.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you feel happy and confident with your hair. Our systems are virtually undetectable and have the look and feel of your own natural hair. Additionally, each of our systems is tailored specifically to your needs. We even take your job and other lifestyle factors into account when creating your system.

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